Our First Inspection

Here are some pictures of our hives. The one on the left is the House of Tudor with Queen Elizabeth I, and the one on the right is the House of Hanover with Queen Victoria.

The House of Tudor is packed full of bees, so we put another super (a box layer where the frames are) on it. There were not that many frames of brood (eggs and larvae), but there were some in various stages of development.

The House of Hanover is much less densely populated, but has lots of brood, so I think we can expect many more bees in that hive in the next week or so.

We couldn’t find the queen in either of the hives, which makes us a little concerned considering she’s marked with a yellow dot (for years ending in 2 and 7), but since today was our first inspection, I don’t think we should be too worried.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures – we were a little flustered during our inspection today to take any of inside the hive, but we’ll try next time!


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