We’re getting rid of the bugs early…


After our inspection last Saturday, we noticed that the top feeders we use were killing a lot of bees. You see, they have these wooden and plastic floats where the bees are meant to stand on to drink the sugar syrup. But far too many of our precious girls were falling in and drowning. Not to mention the fact that the sugar syrup was fermenting…

Pulling up the wood and plastic float to find lots of girls

We both felt so terrible that the configuration of something we provided had led to the death of some of our girls. We worked on replacing the liquid with syrup in ziplock bags with little slits in to let the syrup out gradually.

As we were cleaning out the sugar syrup, we noticed a few bugs and larvae in the syrup. Ew! And PANIC!

Small hive beetle larva

We managed to catch one of the bugs and identified it as a small hive beetle. We had just averted hive robbing and were working on reducing bee drowning and we have another threat to our hives!

Thankfully, we didn’t see any small hive beetles in the hives during the inspection. So, after getting the sugar syrup bags into the hives, we ordered some beetle jails, which attract the beetles with the smell of apple cider vinegar and trap them in mineral oil (which, of course, kills them too). In the meantime, we were left worrying about the girls and their new invaders!


3 thoughts on “We’re getting rid of the bugs early…

    • LOL. No worries! They’re a good start. We also got some other type of hive beetle traps, but they’re attached to a foundationless frame and thus take up the whole space of a frame. The bees will then build their own comb around it, apparently. We’re holding off on using those unless the problem gets bad, which it doesn’t appear to be doing (phew). We’re also considering poisoning the earth around the hive to kill the pupae of the beetles.

      I’m doing an assignment for school on all the pests and diseases of the beehive and how to treat them etc. – I’ll send you the link to the final product and hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

      • Put sugar water in sealed container in your feeder with a small hole or two in bottom only small amounts of water will come out at a time and bees will empty quickly.

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