Want to know how to piss off your bees?

We’ll answer that in just a few moments.

House of Tudor

But first, you should look at this beautiful picture taken of a frame in the House of Tudor during our inspection today. Brand new comb. Freshly laid eggs. The first thing this comb will every be used for is growing life.

Look at how white the brand new comb is and contained within, beautiful little white freshly-laid eggs.

Also in the House of Tudor where one or two trapped and drowned hive beetles in the beetle jails we installed two weeks ago. Every last drop of sugar syrup had been eaten too!

House of Hanover

As we were inspecting Hanover, we found out the answer to the question “how do you piss off bees?” Those simple beetle jails that clip onto the top of a frame might seem idiot proof, but that, alas, is not the case. Somehow – we don’t know how – we flipped one off a frame and onto its side, spilling the mineral oil and vinegar content between two frames, filled with girls gorging on honey.

This didn’t make the bees too happy. Bees poured out of the hive, angrily buzzing around, gathering on the front of the hives. There must have been about half of the hive gathered on the front.

The beekeepers weren’t so happy either. Particularly once we discovered that the smoke no longer calmed them. Especially once Fi was stung through her glove on one of her cuticles. Extra especially at the thought of killing any bees and damaging precious comb and its contents.

We cleaned up what we could of the oil and vinegar, and closed up the hive as quickly as possible. We checked back a little while later, and about half of the bees had made it back into the hive. By the evening, it looked normal again.

Edit: As of tonight, 5 days later, the House of Hanover is its usual calm self. Since there was almost no comb building in the second super, we took 3 full frames from the bottom super and swapped it out for 3 empty frames from the top super.


One thought on “Want to know how to piss off your bees?

  1. Wow, great photo of the new comb and eggs. What are you using to fight the hive beetles? We’re realizing one of our hives needs some beetle help too…

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